Visit The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

 Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, Travel BangkokThe Wang Saen Suk Monastery Garden at Bangkok, near the coastal resort of Bang Saen is an unorthodox Buddhist monastery. On the entrance there is this highlighted, ‘welcome to hell’ sign which gives one an idea of what to expect.

This monastery basically deals with awareness of Buddhist judgment. The idea of worldly sinners being judged as per their crimes is crudely depicted in sawn of torsos and other method of torture which include sculptures of boiling vats. The system is clear judgment with no grey region. This Buddhist theme park depicts the crimes of the corrupt with cartoony representations. With a meager 20 Bahts entrance is granted and then judgments are clearly depicted. The Thieves are shown transformed into having heads of monkeys, the dishonest into toads and the corrupt into pigs. The major sinners are elaborately described in the center and all around them are 21 other life size sinners. It gives quite an insight into judgment according to the Buddhists.

Your Italian honeymoon destination

Travel europe, honeymoon destinationItaly is a country located in southern Europe, with Rome as the capital. It is surrounded by some great countries, the Alps, some islands and the Mediterranean sea. The rich history of Italy dates back to around 200000 years. It’s one of peaceful countries with a stable economy, great infrastructure and transport systems. The great geographic location and its climate attract many tourists to Italy especially for honeymooners.

Here are some great honeymoon destinations in Italy…

• Venice, is one of the best place for honeymooners. This is a unique city with water as streets.
• Sardinia island is famous for its beaches. Remote island with less population.
• Some great Italian lakes such as Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.
• The Amalfi coast, some scenic roads will lead to this coast. The shorelines will have cobalt blue waters.

Reaching Italy and stay is not going to be a problem. You can get honeymoon packages and deals from most of travel and tourism dealers in Italy and in other countries.

Planning your winter holiday to Sydney, Australia

winter holiday in Sydney, travel AustraliaSydney is the most populated city in Australia. The city of Sydney is situated on Australia’s southeast shore of the Tasman Sea. The perfect time to visit Sydney is during the winter season. Winters of Sydney are cool and comfortable. Visitors can enjoy lots of activities and visit historic places, zoo, beaches and museums.

One can visit Sydney Opera House which is very well-known since the year 1973. People can visit Royal Botanic Garden and enjoy watching varieties of plants and flowers. Guided tours are available for the tourists. Sydney Harbor Bridge is a great place to visit. Kids will definitely enjoy a lot. Kids can visit Tree Top Adventure Park. The National Maritime Museum is also very significant. Children will enjoy a lot while visiting the Taronga Zoo. Lots of animals are there like lions, koala bears, cobras etc. During the month of January, Sydney’s Annual Festival is held. Thus, people can plan accordingly and spend their winter vacations in Sydney.

10 Spanish experiences you cannot miss

Travel Spain, travel tipsIf you are planning to visit Spain, then apart from the different guidebooks on Spanish experiences, there are top 10 alternatives you cannot afford to miss. If you are an adventure loving person and want to explore the amazing Spanish itinerary then 10 Spanish experiences are discussed below.

First is the Seville Fair. Spanish people are fun loving party people and here you can experience liveliest, biggest and most happening party. Second is surfing and snowboarding. If you love sport you are to try this from enjoying the Biscay swell in the Billabong Pro to Sierra Nevada snowboarding. Thirdly you are to enjoy the breathtaking views of Granada and driving in the N340 highway. Fourth in the list you are to try out sherry and Rioja. Fifth is clubbing in Ibiza. Sixth is Spain’s favourite sport, Bull Fighting. For the seventh experience visit Alhambra at sunset. Eight is art and culture and ninth is to visit the world heritage sites and last do not miss the Tomato Fighting festival.

Vacation in class and grandeur in Aspen

Vacation at Aspen, travel destinationIf you’re looking for a great skiing occasion then you can definitely plan your vacation in aspen. It is a grand and beautiful place where you can have a memorable time. Aspen is known as one of the most amazing mountains skiing destinations in the whole of United States and people from all over world come here every year during skiing season to enjoy their holidays.

Aspen is situated in Colorado in the Pitkin Colony. There are 4 main mountain peaks in aspen which is open for skiing and there is a main resort where one can check in for their stay. The whole atmosphere of this place is very inviting and jolly and people come here with their families and friends to enjoy skiing. There are skilled trainers here as well and medical help is always at hand too. So if you’re looking for a time in the snow which is entertaining and safe, Aspen is the place to go.

Gold Coast: A romantic paradise

Travel Gold Coast, romantic destinationsGold coast is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Every year, a lot of tourists come to visit this Australian tourist spot from all over the world. One of the most popular regions of this area is the Surfer’s Paradise. There are a lot of noteworthy water sports that are very exciting.

However, this area is not just for the surfers. There are some other interesting areas in Gold Coast as well. One of the most beautiful places in Gold Coast is Broad beach. This area is located in the shoreline of the beach. This is one of the most romantic areas in this spot. You will also get privacy if you want to go to these areas. There are a lot of good hotels and resorts in this area. The nigh life is also very happening. The area offers some exquisite cuisines as well. Therefore, if you are planning for a romantic getaway, Gold Coast is the place.

Must go to destinations when on a honeymoon

Honeymoon destination, travel tipsA person’s honeymoon is probably the most memorable holiday in his or her life. People tend to go to places which help them have a wonderful and memorable time. Some of the most fantastic and famous honeymoon destinations in the world are London, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Hawaii, Caribbean, etc.

If you plan to visit any European cities, tasting their fine cuisine, the drinks of this beautiful continent are some of the things which you should never miss out. Caribbean Islands are a great choice for an exotic holiday for a newlywed couple. For couples who are looking for good time, a fine night life and a modernized luxurious stay in hotels, then visit London. Another great place to go is Bali where you can enjoy the sun, the beach and couple spa treatments. These are a few romantic places which you can visit with your beloved after your marriage.

Enjoying the local cuisine of St. Lucia

Cuisine of St. Lucia, St. LuciaIf you love to eat and have been thinking of going on a vacation for a long time, then St. Lucia is the place for you. Not only does St. Lucia offer breathtaking scenic beauty and a number of tourist excitements, it is the most famous for its local cuisine. St. Lucia is that one place where you can dig into the most delicious local cuisines ever and keep wondering what you have been eating all this while!

St. Lucia is dotted with restaurants and cafeterias that offer the best to its local people and tourists. These places understand that tourists are looking for the best and therefore nothing but the best is offered in terms of food and services. Digging into these local delicacies will make you extend your stay at the place longer and eager to try out everything that the place has to offer. St. Lucia is definitely paradise for the glutton!

Tourists guide to Barbados

Barbados is an Island situated on the Caribbean sea’s east and in the western part of Atlantic ocean. If  you are planning a vacation to Barbados then it shall bring you a very pleasant and memorable experience. It is a place for beach lovers to spend a nice time beside the sea accompanied by a beautiful weather. The Andromeda gardens which is a horticulture park which the Barbados National Trust owns is one of the tourist attractions that must be a part of your to visit list. The Barbados Concorde experience is another tourist attraction.

If you are a beach person, surfing lessons are bound to interest you on this island. Another famous tourist attraction here is the Harrison’s cave. It comprises of many stalagmites and stalactites. If you are a nature lover then Barbados island safari and Barbados wildlife Reserve is sure going to make your trip more unforgettable.

Culinary delights in the Bahamas

Culinary delights of Bahamas, BahamasIf you are a foodie, then Bahamas has a lot to offer to you than the beautiful scenery. Culinary delights of Bahamas will take your heart away. Apart from the various International foods that the restaurants of the Bahamas offer, you must taste the local cuisine of Bahamas. You will find some amazing and delicious seafood items here from like ocean mollusc fringed meat with peach and Bahamian conch. Conch is delicious in all the forms like steamed, uncooked (raw) and stews or fried.

If you love crabs, land crab dishes will be memorable for you. Baked crabs or the boiled ones taste amazing. Fishes are available in a plethora of different dishes and they are a major part of Bahamian cuisine. A famous local dish boils the fish and grits are mixed with the fish pieces and served. Soups with peas and other meat also taste very well in Bahamas. Souse is a special favourite of Bahamas which consist of lime juice, meat, onions and peppers. So, visit Bahamas and have a great time experimenting with food.