Effective Ways To Plan Your Road Trip

Tips of planning your road trip

ways of planing a road trip

Road trips are always fun whether it is planned and executed or it just happened eventually. There are several ways to plan your road trip. But there are many people who have a thought that a planned road trip is not as much fun as that of an unplanned road trip. This is why some people plan your road trip and plan each and every mile of it where as some people will leave everything just on the road and have fun of the adventure. If you are a person who likes everything planned then you should also plan your road trip beforehand only. Include each and everything while you are planning your road trip like where you will stay, what you will eat, how long you are going, what is your budget and many such details. It’s good to be prepared before hitting off the road but it is also advisable to keep certain things open for adventures and experiences. To help you out, here are some of the effective ways to plan your road trip.

  • Check the purpose of road trip

There can be several reasons for planning your road trip like you might be visiting your friend or you want to explore some heritage sites or you are just bored with the routines and your daily life and need a nice break to get some change. If you want to wholly plan your road trip then you need to make some of the bookings in advance. If you are in mood to just hit the road for some days and find out where you are going to end then you don’t need to plan too much.

  • Decide the destination where you want to go

Do have any one specified destination to plan your road trip or you have many destinations to think about or you don’t have any destination in mind? Take a look at the map and mark up the places on map which you want to visit. Calculate the total distance and calculate the time in between the points. Select an optimal route which ponders upon all the places which you want to visit.

  • Decide your budget

When you are planning your road trip one of the major expense which would be bothering you is gas. This is main expenditure of road trip. However there are also some other expenses like food, hotels and such other things. Before you leave for your road trip fix a budget and decide particular amount for food, particular amount for hotels and certain amount for gas. Of course this will not be perfect figure but it will give you an exact monetary idea about your road trip.

  • Take all the necessary documents

One of the essential things which should not be put aside while planning for your road trip is your documents. If you are going for a road trip to another country then each and every person would need passport. Also take along your license, registration or any car insurance documents.



Tips on Packing a Beach Bag

Beach bag, hat and flip flops kept at a becah

Beach bag packing tips

Are you really excited about spending a fun day at the beach? Beach is one of the best destinations that can relax you and make your feel stress free while planning for an holiday. Are you staying a full day or just for few hours at the beach? Confused why am I asking your this? Because it is very important to pack some of the essentials that will help you in exploring your trip and enjoy the day utmost. Make sure that you are packing each and every essential that is required completely. Start preparing your beach day. Even preparing a check list of the things you going to need is advisable to the travellers. It will offer a better conformity of the important stuffs are packed in the beach bags or not. Tips on packing beach bag will offer a better clarity of which things you should take with yourself and which things to not.

Beach bag packing tips:

  • Picking up the right king of beach bag is very essential. Don’t go for opting a small bag because you are going to need way more things. Selecting an oversized beach bag is even nota better option because it will lead you with more burdens.
  • Using a medium sized pouch beach bag is advisable. Even a tote bag sounds a better option. Decide the beach bag on the time or the duration you are going to spend on the beach. Considering a tote bag that is water resistant sounds better because it will offer a better quality and protection of your important essentials from water. Because you are traveling to a beach.
  • Selecting flip flops rather than heels or fancy s hoes is more appropriate because at the beach area you will have to walk in sand. And it is not practically acceptable to walk in stilettos or heels.
  • Pack the skin essentials that are important for your skin. Because it might be possible that you might get sun tanned. For avoiding this situation make sure to add a sunscreen lotion to add up while packing a beach bag.
  • Choose a sun screen lotion that contains the ingredients of SPF 15 or higher than that because it will be only able to work in such high sun rays that can even damage the bottom layer of your skin.
  • Don’t forget to apply the sun screen 30 minutes before you leave for hitting the beach. It is proved that it works only after the resting periods of 30 minutes. Pack for the necessary clothing options or essentials. Pack up a comfortable light jacket or a sweat shirt for facing the uneven weather condition at the night time.
  • Packing enough quantity of water is advisable for the travellers. An average adult requires adult 8 full glasses of water a day. And trust me the beach water is not such clean that can be easily cleaned. A good tip is to bring a gallon of water and some couple of water bottles to be handy whenever there is a need of water at the beach.

Unique And Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Facts about sri lankaAfter years have passed by overlooking Sri Lanka as one of the small country, now the people has realized the beauty of Sri Lanka and many of the travellers have come to Sri Lanka and was amazed by the beauty of this place. Sri Lanka is now becoming very popular tourist destination and there is no wonder how. It is small but such a diverse country with so much charm and beautiful beaches and also varied wildlife. It does not stop or limit to these things it also has famous tea gardens and many ancient ruins. In short there is some or other thing for everyone on this small but sacred place. It’s easy to discover and explore this place as the distances are short and thus you can easily travel from one spot to another and explore each and every thing about this spot. If you are really interested about this place Sri Lanka then you must know facts about Sri Lanka. Some of the facts you might be aware while some you might not be and unfolding all of them would really be an interesting thing to do. Here are some of the unique and interesting facts about Sri Lanka which would increase you love and interest about this country.

  • Sri Lanka is Knows as the pearl of the ocean and it is also known as the tear drop of India. Both this name is derived because of the shape of this Beautiful place.
  • Sri Lanka has a very unique way to say yes to anything. Here when any person shakes their head from side to side along with a slight wiggle then it is considered as yes. Usually turning the head from side to side is considered as not but in Sri Lanka it is not so.
  • Cricket is very much popular sport in Sri Lanka and it is way too much famous in people of Sri Lanka but the national sport of Sri Lanka is volleyball.
  • Sri Lanka is the one country which is the largest exporter of tea across the globe.
  • Sri Lanka has lots of waterfalls and it has plenty of amounts of water and thus the electricity here is powered by the hydro powered energy.
  • You would know about the spice cinnamon but what you would not know is that this spiced cinnamon was originated in Sri Lanka and it was discovered by the Egyptians.
  • Sri Lanka possesses total eleven universities.
  • 92 % of the people residing in Sri Lanka are literate. This means Sri Lanka has a very good literacy rate. In fact it has the highest literacy rate in whole south Asia.
  • The national flag of Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the oldest national flag.
  • One of the first established capitals of the ancient Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura. This whole era was known as the Anuradhapura kingdom.

Fascinating Facts Of Bangkok

Fascinating facts of bangkokBangkok is a very interest city to live in or even go for trip. People usually like to plan their bachelor’s trip at Bangkok. It is such a place where you can have all the sun which you have expected from any fun loving place. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is totally fulfills each and expectations you have from the place. All the above things were such which you have generally heard about Bangkok and which is prevalent about Bangkok. There is nothing new knowing the same old thing. Thus I have brought something new and fascinating facts of Bangkok which you haven’t heard of. After knowing all these fascinating facts of Bangkok you will remained surprised and amazed as to is this the same place which we have heard. Knowing the fascinating facts of Bangkok will show a totally different side of Bangkok which you are unaware of. You can also share these fascinating facts of Bangkok at the dinner table and get lots of praising. Flaunt your knowledge about fascinating facts of Bangkok and be the smart one in your family among all you’re over rated siblings who always try tips and tricks to let you down. Here is a chance to show them your knowledge by knowing some fascinating facts of Bangkok. Here are some of the fascinating facts of Bangkok which will leave you totally amazed.

  • The night life of Bangkok is the best one but it has a decent side of it visit the grand palace and Buddhist temples like Wat pho and Wat Arun which plays a major role in attracting many tourist across the globe to Bangkok.
  • According to the MasterCard’s global destination city index, Bangkok is declared as the most visited cities and according to the travel+ leisure magazine, it was declared as the world’s best city for constant four consecutive years. This is really a fascinating fact of Bangkok.
  • This city holds a record in Guinness book of records for having the largest name in whole world. It has total 16 words and 169 characters in its name. Yes you heard it right. Now you must be amazed and confused as to how can Bangkok has the largest city name as it is just 7 words word? Actually Bangkok is not the original name of the city. The original name of the city is Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.
  • Bangkok has the world’s tallest aircraft control tower which is 132.2 meters tall.
  • Bangkok is very popularly referred as Venice of the east because of its very fascinating night life along with having as many canals as Venice of Italy. Bangkok is also known as the city of angles because of its city planning.
  • Bangkok is by far the only place where you can see three gender washrooms. Yes it is there in Bangkok. Yes of course it is a fascinating facts of Bangkok.

3 Places To Visit In Fiji

Fiji is a group of beautiful islands and it is bounded by everything starting from beautiful jungles and magnificent waterfalls, from white sandy beaches to coconut palms. But the beauty of Fiji is not only in these what makes so enchanting is also the people of Fiji. Fiji is such a wonder place to visit and get so many experiences which you will never forget. Once visited Fiji, you will always want to visit it again and spend some memorable time again. There are bucketful of places to visit in Fiji which throb your heart away. Places to visit in Fiji are full of excitement and you will love exploring them. While you are in Fiji you cannot afford to visit all the places hence here is a small list of places to visit in Fiji while you are exploring Fiji.

  • Yasawa islands

Yasawa islandsThese islands make up the western border of Fiji. This is one of the places to visit in Fiji which is in top list as it is mostly high and it is covered by grass and it has brilliant porcelain beaches and water is fully painted in a palette of blues. You are not going to find any kind of banks or any shops, this is one such place to visit in Fiji which is a pure piece of natural beauty and you don’t want to ruin it banks and other commercial things. With such gorgeous beaches and abundant beaches, lively sunshine and so many resorts and you have a delightful time in Fiji.

  • Vanau levu

Vanau levuConsidered to be the second largest island of Fiji, it is one of the places to visit in Fiji which must be explored. As compared to viti levu, vanau levu is somewhat less tourist oriented but this doesn’t mean it is less exciting and happening. There is a lot to see and do in vanau levu for those people are lover of adventure. One of the popular places to visit in Fiji is savusavu town as it is placed in some mesmerizing surrounding in a protected bay which is very popular mooring for yatchs. When you are finding places to visit in Fiji, you must not forget wassail natural reserve. It is a beautiful and untouched rain forest which are having hiking trails availing you with spectacular views. Vanau levu is spectacular place to visit in Fiji as you can tour the snake temple near labasa or you can explore the hibiscus highway or you can also dive in the corals.

  • Taveuni

TaveuniTaveuni is one of the best places to visit in Fiji. It is considered as the garden island of Fiji and it is like a dream for eco tourist as it has lots of natural reserves and plenty of wildlife and native plants. It is one of the best places to visit in Fiji because you can enjoy bird watching, explore beautiful hiking trails also enjoy splendid diving sites and takes lots of mesmerizing moments you got while exploring Fiji.

Best Places to Visit in Maldives

Maldives is just a wonderful destination where you can let yourself relaxed. Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean which has 26 atolls. This island is very much famous for its beaches, great reefs, white sandy beaches, deep blue sea and green vegetation. It’s just like heaven. Along with this natural beauty you also have varied activities to have fun from like scuba diving, snorkeling and diving. You can also have exploration of white waters and swimming around the corals with beautiful fishes. These shores are easily accessible and open for all. You have got attractive places and activities to have fun from.  Here are some of the places to visit in Maldives.

  • Bluetribe Moofushi

Bluetribe moofushiThe highlight of the Maldives is its marine life and deep blue waters. Bluetribe moofushi is a diving centre which provides you with the greatest experience in case of water activities like diving, kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, pedal boating and many more. Bluetribe moofushi also offers excursions where you see the sharks, lots of fishes and manta rays from the shore. A trip to Maldives is truly an unforgettable memory. Here you can discover the traditional life of Maldives or you can have a romantic gate away time, enjoy the aquatic life of Maldives and many more.

  • Sun Island resort and spa

Sun island resort and spaLocated on the south Ari atoll, sun island resort is a must visit place in Maldives. Your eyes would remain wide open by seeing the exotic greenery, tropical flowers and stunning lagoons. This is by far the most luxurious resort of Maldives. It offers you with villa hotels which have most outstanding facilities. They also offer varied range of water bungalows which will leave you totally amazed. It is really a very unique experience to live in water bungalows and experience the island living in Maldives. Sun island resort has one of the best lodging facilities in the Maldives and also around the world.

  • Alimatha island

Alimatha islandLocated on the eastern side of the Maldives at vaavu atoll, Alimatha island is one of the must visit place in Maldives. Visiting Alimatha is like having a total experience of Maldivian treasure as it gives the opportunity of snorkeling, world class diving along with a central beach with spectacular facilities. The island is very rich by the green vegetation with astonishing sites and beaches. With a plenty of things to explore this place is treasure of five star experiences.


  • Manta point

manta pointOne of the best locations for the diving lovers is manta point. If you want a little bit adventure and want fun out of it then must visit manta point. There are plenty of coral rocks which are circled by coral rocks and wait for their turn to get cleaned. It is a treat to watch. After getting clean they swim towards the reef on shallow water where you can see plankton.  It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced diver or you are  an new one but diving at manta point will surely make you feel lively and amazed.


Specific Reasons for Kauai to be known as Best Hawaiian Island

Hawaii is such a wanderlust place, selected any island, you would feel like it’s the heaven on earth. But still we are never satisfied we always think that could be better than this. Even though we take full pleasure of the place, we still expect for something better and even regret for choosing something else. This is human nature. Now coming to the Hawaiian Islands, it’s a huge bucket of beautiful islands but if you don’t want to regret in the end and want to go for the best one, there is nothing better than Kauai. Kauai is such a place which robs the heart of people and all of them visit it again. You never like to leave the place and you ever wish to come back soon. This is the magic of Kauai. You might be anxious to know why this thing happens? What is its specialty? Here are the reasons for its attraction.

Kauai has the most eye pleasing sunset

sunset at kauaiWatch the sun spreading its eye pleasing colors into the sky from the spectacular sandy beach of Poipu, where you can see the sun waving its goodbye and plunging into the pacific to the more easterly Hanalei bay. There is no wonder that Kauai has become the wedding island of Hawaii. Anyone would love take their promises in front of this beautiful radiant rays of sun with heart throbbing colorful sky.


Unforgettable water sports

water sportsVaried water activities, that give exclusive experiences which you never forget. Starting from surfing at beautiful beaches along with large waves without waves and without any competitor to driving boats and cutting the sharp sea waves. If you are a person loving to try out sports Kauai is the destination for you to visit. It’s a place where you can step out of comfort zone without being self conscious.

The wildlife of Kauai is totally wild

Wildlife in kauaiTry out boat trip at Na Pali coast and its guaranteed you will watch dolphins playing around. If you are lucky enough you also get a chance to see whales during certain period of the year. You can swim with turtles and fish at the reef by doing a snorkel adventure with some fins. The wildlife in Kauai is still stagnant and fresh due to its fresh water without pollution and harm.


A spectacular location for films which still remains open for you to see

film shoot in kauaiYes you heard it right many places are filmed in movies. Check out the rope swing that Harrison ford dangled from in the Indiana Jones movie. Also check out trees which tattered by the Tyrannosaurus Rex with gargantuan claws in the movie of famous Jurassic park. You remember the song of bloody mary in south pacific it is shows Kauai in its filming. You remember the Jonny dep took a dip in pirates of Caribbean. You can also take a look at all these places. Tours are available which takes you to all popular sites of films.


































Top 5 Resorts in Punta Cana

Resorts in Punta CanaAre you planning to go to the resorts of Punta Cana?

Punta Cana covers two thirds of the coastline of Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean islands. Punta Cana is famous for the world’s best beaches. It is a Spanish speaking country with a tropical climate, filled with resorts. The best thing about a resort is that, you can enjoy to the fullest without even stepping out of the resort. But which one to choose? Here are some choices:

1. Hard Rock Punta Cana

It is situated 12.5 miles away from the airport. It is a 5 star family resort situated on the white sand beach. It provides airport pick up services. It has 15 pools, some with water slides, the best casinos of the area, 10 restaurants and 15 bars. Also, it has liquor dispenser in every room as well. Also, as the name suggests, it believes in music. Numerous concerts are held in this resort all over the year.

2. Paradisus Palma Real

It is situated 18 kilo meters away from the airport. You can easily get a taxi to the resort. This is a 4 star family resort. It is located on the beachfront of Bavaro beach. It has 3 pools, a casino, a health centre, a children’s club, and nine restaurants. It is one of the largest resorts in the country. It has rental bike stops for easier transportation in the resort as well. Also, the rooms have an extra smoking area. Most importantly, it provides you with a personalised butler.

3. Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel

This is situated 12.8 miles from the airport. This newly renovated all adult 5 star hotel provides airport pickup. Located on the Bavaro beach, it is the prime beach spot. Also it has beautiful gardens and flamingos in them. Also there are 5 bars, 4 a la carte and gourmet buffet and 3 pools with a lot of daybeds. Also, fun activities is a top priority,

4. Secrets Royal Beach Resort

It is situated 16 miles from the airport so a taxi ride will do. This is an all adult 5 star resort as well. But, since it is near the other resorts, the all adult feature may not always come true. This resort has the biggest beach line amongst all. Also, there is a large lazy pool in the centre and a private beach as well. Each room has a private pool either in the balcony or in the terrace. Also,there are 14 restaurants in the resort with 4 on-shore restaurants. Also, try out the spas there.

5. Excellence Punta Cana

It is situated 35 miles from the international airport. You can go to the hotel by a taxi or a helicopter. Excellence beach resort is an all adult 5 star resort. It has 2 pools, 8 restaurants and 1 snack bar. This resort is going to keep you near the water at all times. There is a mini bar as well. Also there is an outdoor patio or a pool to complete the look. Do checkout the Miilespa service in a beautiful garden.

Choose any one of these resorts for a blissful experience. It is completely worth it.

Adios Amigos.

Travel To Sochi, Russia

Travel To Sochi, RussiaSochi is one of the Russia’s most finest and wonderful cities with a number of famous travel destinations. It is a place for every man to take benefit of luxury which Mother Nature can provide. Sochi is regarded as the pearl of black sea, eastern coasts with the exclusive sub-tropical climate, mineral baths, fine spas, sanatorium, etc.

After hosting the Winter Olympics 2014, Sochi has emerged as one of the most popular cities of Russia. Number of hotels and other constructions have been made for providing accommodation to visiting tourists from all around the globe.

Accommodation in Sochi – Sochi presents some fine lodging facilities for the tourists. Among many festivals that are also held in this city is the Kinotavar International Film Festival. Number of actors, actresses, directors and musicians come to Sochi and take part in this festival and it occurs during summer. Many of the hotels are located in the center of the city near to seaside. The hotels bids different kinds of saunas for the tourists.

Sightseeing in Sochi – Not only the sandy beaches of the Sochi attract lots of tourist but also the views of this place catch the attention of many travelers. One of the most well liked sights of Sochi is park Rivera and dendrarium which is one of the biggest subtropical park of Russia established in the 19th century. Tourists also see various types of plants which were brought from different countries of the world. A perfect place to visit is fine art exhibition hall where numerous collections of fine arts are demonstrated. Sochi also tenders some amazing performance in the concert halls and in theatres. The ideal time to see the performance is the end of summer and in the beginning of autumn.

Visiting the Solomon Islands

Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean comprises on 992 islands. It is an archipelago that has reincarnated to a world of tourists; with a culture so rich and divine it has accomplished in attracting a lot of tourist to the serenity, tranquility and beauty of this place. Once you are here in the pacific archipelago of these beautiful islands there is a lot of things to do:

First of all for accommodation there is a variety of hotels to choose from. There is Tavanipupu private island resort, St. Agnes mother’s union guest house, the wilderness lodge and many more. There are very cool cafes and lounges to hang out in otherwise too- the Breakwater cage, Lamasa and lime lounge. Now apart from just being indoors there are a ton of other activities to keep you busy too.

Kolombangara a majestic and cone shaped volcano rising beautifully from the horizon. 1770 m in height it is one of the major attractions and a sheer natural beauty. To go over here a little bit of activity and hiking will be required. A 2 day trek to and from the mountain will let you encompass every tiny detail about this huge structure. Another beautiful must see is the Mataniko falls. The beauty of these falls is that they are double sided and flush into a cave full of stalactites. This cave is an attraction for birds like the swallows and bats adding more beauty to the entire place. The Tetepare islands are the rainforests which have been conserved over the years by the Solomon’s. It is a treat for the eco tourists and a view which will not disappoint you at all.

The central market is flooded with fresh produces of fruits and vegetables. The section for fish and other sea food is towards the back side of this market place.

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